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Early Intervention

What if I think my child may have special needs?

There are general ages at which children should be able to do certain things. The following may help you determine if your child could benefit from a referral for early intervention services.

Two Years

Recognizes familiar pictures in books

Turns page of a book independently

Builds a block tower

Asks for item by name

Starts putting two words together

Three Years

Walks up and down stairs

Responds to directions

Begins to ask questions Puts together simple puzzles

Strings beads or completes simple lacing

Scribbles with crayons

Feeds self

Asks to use the potty

Can play alone for longer periods of time

Speech is understandable about 80-85% of the time

Four Years

Rides a tricycle

Points to colors and simple shapes

Knows age and full name

Plays with other children

Answers most questions

Uses 4-5 word sentences

Cuts on a line with scissors

Copies simple shapes

Five Years

Can carry on a conversation

Prints a few capital letters

Recognizes own printed name

Colors within lines

Counts 10 objects

Plays cooperative games

Speech understandable 95% of time

Special Education services are available for eligible children ages three through five. Early intervention is important for children with special needs.

Posey County Special Services provide special education services for eligible preschool children. Preschool children are referred for an educational evaluation through child find activities.

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